Lip Enhancement

What shape lips do you desire?

At Clarity Cosmetics we pride ourselves on enhancing your lips with volume and definition for a
plump, natural-looking, youthful pout. The beauty of classy, subtle lip fillers means that you can
enjoy the lips you’ve always wanted without the obvious “over-filled” look. No one even needs to
know you’ve had your lips enhanced!
Every client will want a different look and a good practitioner will always listen to your preference,
assess your current lip shape and discuss with you what can be achieved. Whether you want a subtle
enhancement or dramatic volume, Clarity Cosmetics can help you figure out how to achieve the
Dermal fillers last up to 6 months on the lips although most clients request a top-up after 4 months.


I’m so impressed… went to a boiling hot swimming pool, watched my daughter’s swimming lesson then checked my armpit….DRY. Seriously… my top is normally soaked. I’m DRY and that’s the way it’s going to stay.
Claire R. -

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