Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Is there something about your nose you’d like to change but don’t like the idea of surgery?

B-tox is an anti-wrinkle injection which is a prescription-only medicine. It is a neurotoxin which is used as a muscle relaxant medicine to treat a number of conditions within the body. It partially blocks the chemical at the end of nerves so that that excessive contractions of the muscle are reduced. In cases of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) b-tox turns off the sweat glands to reduce sweating. The treatment is temporary because the effect of b-tox wears off over time.

  • Treatment takes between 10-40 mins depending on the area(s) being treated
  • Normally takes 2-4 days to start to take effect
  • 10-14 days to reach full effect
  • Neck treatments can take up to 4 weeks for full effect
  • B-tox lasts 3-4 months on the face, jawline slimming, non-surgical neck lift, and bruxism treatment lasts 4-6 months, and hyperhidrosis treatment lasts 6-9 months


Claire explained the procedure and put me at ease. She is professional but also friendly so felt in safe hands. I have the exact results I wanted and I’m so happy! Frown line has been eradicated and really made me feel so much more confident!
Katie M. -

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